Bangkok Shopping Market



July 26, 2015 - Bangkok - Thailand

Every visit to Bangkok was for a different purpose. In my younger days, I started out with curiosity, eager to explore the many places of interest, temples and Buddha, later visits saw product sourcing or trade shows as primary goal.

This visit however, I hit the ground running with photography in mind. Having little time on hand, I covered a small area in the busy tourist spot around Pratunam where street shopping Markets vie with big shopping Malls, and got more than I bargain for.... 



Jul 26, 2015
Pondering on what to buy..

I took a few candid shots of the man on the right, who's been walking down the street pensively browsing market stalls..
A toot toot appeared in my viewfinder at the far end on the left, when it looked like it was going straight across, it took a turn towards my direction and made this unexpected composition possible.

Shopping Market

Shopping Market

In the shopping markets of the street, you can literally find about everything under the sun.
Agile stalls lined both sides of the walkway along the road, no space is spared.
Filled with just arrived factory merchandises, tourist are spoilt for choice, bargaining here, is the order of the day.
Beyond all these shade canopies, lie the big boys who are at the helm of the shopping district... the Shopping Malls.



25 July 2015
Ubiquitous, you need them, they're there.
Weaving in and out of alleys, bypass traffic jams, for tourist with short distance hop, this mode of transport is a godsend.

I love the simple yet distinctive vintage look of Thailand's Toot Toot Taxi, beautiful color, beautiful contour, slim and nimble.
I was standing at a market stall facing the turn of the road, vehicle heading towards my direction turn to their right in front of me, and thus I'm able to afford this view as though I'm standing smack dab in the middle of the road.

Her shop, her shuttles

Her locker, her shutter

Jul 26, 2015
Calling it a day, a tired street market vendor closes her shutter..


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