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CHO-ME. Feb 2010 - Milford Sound - NZ



CHO-ME is my photography nick name, my name is CM Lim, I love, and just want to take and make Photo.
Born in the 60s in beautiful Singapore, I held jobs in both Financial and IT sectors in younger days, currently as a business administrator.



I started taking photograph when I was small, simply for the love of camera and the sound of the shutter. At Seven, without knowledge about photography, I bought a simple black and white camera, it was broken after just a single shot, didn’t cost a lot but was clearly a ripped off.

At Ten (1974) I bought my next camera which was an automatic color model, slim, long, hold and click horizontally like a James Bond spy camera, my journey in photography started off from there.


After the turn of the millennium, with digital video and image editing skills and concepts cultivated, Photography in Fine Art came into my life, I started to create my work in fusing Arts with Memories, fulfilling what were once my pipe dreams of expressing Photo Arts in styles I loved and envisioned.



I like the styles and characteristics of Film Noir, Streets Photography in high contrast Black & White, as well as fine Urban Architectural Shapes and Lines, all and all in simplicity.

Thanks to digital photography I can afford to make a lot of mistakes and not burn a hole in my pocket, so when I spot something interesting, just snap first, ask question later.



Music of Space - Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2018

Music of Space - Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2018