Fine Art Prints


CHO-ME is the photographer and copyright owner of the photo arts showcased in this website, is pleased to offer direct sales of Original Signed Prints. Feel free to contact CHO-ME if you can’t find your answer in this FAQ page.



Where is the Photo Image printed?

High resolution Photo Art image that could print up to 60” on the longer side is only consign to a professional Fine Art Printer in Singapore to print on demand.

What can I expect to see on a finished Print?

  • There will be an extra one inch white border outside the printed image area

  • Print is hand-signed, numbered and dated by CHO-ME at the bottom border of the image or otherwise advise, you’ll be prompted to choose when add an item to cart.

  • A Certificate of Authenticity documenting the provenance of the Original Fine Art Print is attached.

What is the type of paper used for the prints?

Print using museum quality Acid-Free Fine Art Paper made from 100% cotton rag certified to last 25 years without fading.

2 types of paper surface used: Fine Art Smooth (default) or Fine Art Textured, you’ll be prompted to make a choice when add an item to cart.

Framed Pictures

Framed pictures are for visualization, they are not included in Fine Art Prints



What other printing options available besides those stated in the website?

Custom Print sizes of up to 60 inches ( on the longer side ) and other printing options e.g Acrylic, Canvas, Framed etc... can be requested by using the Contact Form.

Can I order CHO-ME's Fine Art Prints from other Online Art Gallery?

Yes, you can order and pay through Saatchi Art, they will collect the print from CHO-ME when it's ready and ship to you.



What is the currency quoted?

Price quoted is in Singapore Dollar ( SGD$100 is about US$74 ), the payment processes will convert for you accordingly to your currency.

What are the payments accepted?

Visa (credit and debit cards)

MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

American Express

Diner's Club


Apple Pay



How secure are the online payments?

Payments are processed by Stripe or PayPal, at the checkout, you are directed to the processor's website to complete the transaction, your credit card details will not be available to online merchant.



How is the print ship out?

Print is rolled in hard tube, ship by air mail. Print price include shipping.

What is the shortest time to receive package?

Estimated delivery within 2 weeks from the day order is confirmed



30 Days Refund / Replacement guarantee from date of order.

Full refund applicable for Items already shipped out and returned.

95% refund for cancellation of order If Item haven’t yet ship out from CHO-ME, The 5% deducted is for admin charges.

What is the procedure for refund or replacement?

Email CHO-ME quoting Invoice number and reason for return.
Once approved, arrange to ship back original Print in original packaging.

Upon receiving returned packaging:

REPLACEMENT: A new Print will be dispatched.


CANCELLATION: Order will be cancelled followed by hassle free full refund.

Is returned shipping cost claimable?

As Prints were sold including shipping cost, the full refund effectively covers sender’s returned shipping cost too, thus there will be no further disbursement.