April 26, 2014 - Singapore

An old estate

This is one old neighborhood in the heartland of Singapore looking to redevelopment, residence had long moved to other estates, leaving behind old structures like this sheltered walkway, stone table and chairs that had seen the hustle and bustle of the past, they too are in the path of new constructions and will not be here for long.


When passing by, I don't usually take a second look at the shelter or tree, but today, the leafless tree and sunbeam on the rooftop seemed to beckon, leading my sight down to the table, than down to the grass field. the melancholic atmosphere of this deserted sheltered walkway led me to visualize a faint photo art composition of "Shelter", I thought it could be gorgeous in black and white, and was quite sure I had spotted some aesthetics hidden in this mundane surrounding.

Not miss a thing

So I set in motion to take as many photos as possible to cover every possible perspective and later spent quite a bit of time editing this, removing bits of distractions here and there.
When done, was glad that I didn’t pass it up, the beautiful shelter was there all the while, I just didn’t take a second look the last time.