Enjoying their moments, looking out to a dream.

Moments - 23 Feb 2014 in Singapore
I was walking to another place for camera shoot when I saw this three figures on a far away jetty. Rain had just stop, the surrounding was misty, what caught my attention was the way the little girl look on with her father ( I presume ) while the bigger girl was busy probably preparing fishing gears.


Little girl clung to her father's hand as the wind was strong and water surface choppy, for a moment I grope and whipped out my camera but to a disappointing view that the little girl's hand was no longer holding on, I had missed the sweetest moment.

To my pleasant surprise this photo turns out well, atmospheric and evocative enough, the suspense is there, as the man and little girl look far with a longing pose.
When processing this image, I felt like cropping out the bigger girl, which I thought, she is in a different pose and the picture somehow is not in harmony, but yet, without her, the scene feels too abstract, as if the man and little girl were composite from another image, just my opinion, feel free to drop a comment on what you think,  ( login optional )