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Most photographer or artist would love to title their work meaningfully, if possible, it be unique, having a character the creator is proud of, which is why, a simple task of choosing a title can be a hair pulling experience for many, I'm one of you.
Like many, I like my photo titles to be abstract, associate with the meaning of the photo and at the same time having connotation that evokes emotions.
To begin with choosing a title for my photo work, I start with the steps below.


1. Any great title that comes to mind

Whenever possible, I will try to think of a title off the top of my head from how I feel about the image, once in a while, a great title springs up spontaneously to mind, but light bulb moments like these are few and far in between.



An abstract title for this image leaves much room for viewers to interpret. These titles works well with conceptual or abstract images.



This title for the image was considered at first, the tree was like eavesdropping, leaning lower and lower over the couple.


2. Idioms, Song titles and Book titles

These are great resource for titles. If there is a bird in the picture, I'll Google for idioms or songs that contain words with 'Bird' or 'Fly' or 'Wings', looking out for anything that can connect, to be unique, replace a word in it to make it yours.


Flight of Imagination

Title derive from Idioms.


3. Title Templates

I post my photo works weekly, and choosing a title no longer is a walk in the park, it's time consuming to say the least, but rewarding when I snag one.
Fortunately overtime, I had came up with a method of generating title with less hassle.

I maintain a list of more than a hundred titles, I call them Title Templates, they are of one to three words title, some slightly longer, scoured from everywhere, from the Internet Title Generators, Signs on the streets, Advertisement, Newspaper, etc..Any meaningful catchy sentences or words catches my attention, it will be considered for the template.

I will run through my template, title by title, any meaningful title that identify with the photo is shortlist.

The next phase in choosing will be to run through those shortlist titles, line by line again, this time, I'll make up new title by replacing a word or two in the template, so that the original template is reusable.


This photo has a Path and a Bridge being predominant subjects, the template title is "Dream of Illusion", I change it to "Way of Illusion" as I want viewer to be lead by the path into the mist.

I'll continue making up new titles until I finally decide on one.
If I happen to used any of the title without modifying, than that title template must be struck out from the list to prevent future inadvertent duplication.


4. If above methods still in vain?

I haven't come to this yet, though.. but I'll give it a simple title from what the picture is showing and move on, come back to name it another day.


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