Taken Dec 24, 2013 Barelang bridge - Batam island - Indonesia



I went down to one of the six bridges that connects the islands of Batam, they are collectively called the Barelang bridge. I’m at the closest one connected to main Batam island of Indonesia.


I took many shots of the bridge, of different point of views and different height levels, but was still looking out to capture something unique, until I walk down to the rock sturdy pillar under the bridge, and its where I met the three boys, they are students, rode in on motorcycles, I chatted with them, and learned they were doing photography here too, one young photographer, two friends as his models. they were pleased to see a foreigner like me in this remote part of the place, especially the young photographer, his wide eyes filled with enthuse seeing a fellow photographer.

They started taking pictures, the young photographer clicked away like a pro, his models were posing, jumping, running, a whale of a time they really had. I continued with my search for a desired composition.


After walking a distant away from the bridge with most of the time walking backward to review the scene of the bridge, those 3 boys that were still under the bridge gathered close, perhaps to look at their shots in their camera LCD, and that's when the magic happened...

The scene before me took a poetic turn, it appeared surreal, like a story book cover which baffled me a bit, maybe it is the proximity of the boys to the solid pillar, or their standing posture...everything was in the right place, instinctively, I froze that unique moment, a few seconds after, the boys were all over the place, posing, jumping, running while the young photographer aimed...

I left the place, looking forward to work on this shot, I knew I'd nailed a winner.

One regret, I should have taken a selfie with them, especially that wide eye young photographer :)

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